Who Is Gary Madden

"My pursose is to inspire others to reach higher, go farther, and do more than they ever thought possible."

Here's What Drives Me

What are You doing here?

My name is Gary Madden. The most "life-altering thing that ever happened to me was when someone challenged me to deeply thing about my purpose on the planet.  What was I here to do? Gary Madden helps people make money from home.

Up until that time ... I had lived a story book life.  All of my life I had felt called and dreamed of being a Preacher of the Gospel; and, I had done that.  In thirty plus years of a beautiful marriage to a person with the same dream, we had pioneered two churches, pastored four others and traveled all over the U.S., into Mexico and Canada as an Evangelist.

Then the unexpected  happened.  I was struck with a mysterious disease that for 8 years teams of doctors could not diagnose and I found myself losing my ability to walk and function ... I had to resign the church I was pastoring and move my wife and daughter into my sister's house (living in what was their study).

To shorten the story; I was finally diagnosed by Dr. Erica Simpson-Green in 2007 with a form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

After receiving treatment, I experienced remarkable recovery in regaining ability to function (still unable to walk without assistance) and began working as a High School Science teacher and returned to secular college online as a full-time student.

Life was better, but I was no longer a Pastor ... in fact, I was not preaching in a pulpit anywhere and I wondered if I ever would again.

That's when I was asked if I knew what my "Purpose" was.

Is it possible to make money from home with MPB?You see, when you know what your purpose is; and can distill it into one simple sentence, you learn that you can fulfill it no matter what occupation or life circumstance you may find yourself in. As a preacher for over thirty years, I was fulfilling my Purpose (as stated above) and didn't even know it. When I found what my purpose was, I found I could continue to accomplish that even though I was in a powerchair and teaching High School. We bought a beautiful new home (left) in August 2010.

So, I challenge you as you peruse this and other of my pages ... "Why are You here?"

It is imperative to your success in life as well as any endeavor to understand completely the answer to that question and be able to write it into one simple sentence you can write and repeat over and over to yourself.

Here's what's good ... I am also preaching again in pulpits most every weekend and I have found what I am really supposed to do on this planet ... and I am doing it daily in or out of the pulpit.


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